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Reasons Why There Should Be a 3D Printed House in Australia

Living in a 3D printed house in Australia is about to become a possibility. The residential property outlook is the worst that it has ever been. With the Australian housing market continuing on a downward trend, finding decent and affordable housing is becoming a serious problem for Australians. Here are five reasons why building 3D printed houses in Australia should start soon.

3D printed houses are affordable.

3D printed houses dramatically cut down construction costs due to lower material prices and labor. A 600-800 square foot single-storey 3D printed home with two bedrooms can cost as little as $4,000, just like the houses built in El Salvador by New Story, a non-profit organization based in Silicon Valley.

3D printed houses can be built faster.

Typical houses take months to be completed. This is not the case with 3D printed houses. A Chinese company, Winsun Decorating Design Engineering, has achieved the feat of finishing 10 full-fledged houses with the use of 3D printing technology. Houses with simple layout and designs are built the fastest, so it should be no surprise to see overnight mass production of neighborhoods a few years down the line.

3D printed houses are stronger and more accurately built.

Faster results do not necessarily mean that the quality is sacrificed. The design is done through a software program, which will then be directly implemented by the printer throughout the building of the 3D printed house. It means fewer chances for mistakes during the construction phase.

It makes it easier to build a 3D printed house in Australia’s remote areas.

If the European Space Agency can devise a way to print a settlement base on the moon using local materials, why couldn’t we in our most remote areas? Although we don’t have to resort to using soil and rocks for materials, 3D printers can print the materials themselves onsite, making logistics and long delivery wait as things of the past. This can improve construction speed and costs further.

Architects can explore new design possibilities with 3D printed houses.

The sky can be the limit when building a 3D printed house in Australia. Architects can explore various structures outside of the traditional rectangular and rectilinear structures. 3D printing also allows them to experiment with the curvilinear structure, the strongest structural design, which would not be possible with traditional construction.