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5 Beautiful Holiday 3D Print Ideas that Can Infect Even the Grinch with Holiday Spirit

Christmas is almost here. For 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists, it is the perfect time to exercise your 3D printing creativity and skill as well as customise your Christmas decorations. Don’t let the yuletide season go by without trying these fun and festive 3D print ideas compiled from Thingiverse.

EZ Print Christmas Tree by SynJa

This 3D Christmas tree print by SynJa may not for beginners but it is simple enough if you follow the instructions perfectly. You have to keep in mind that it uses the droop loop method, which has its own specific instructions. Printing this is also like opening a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. Depending on the filament you use, some might end up looking slender, fluffy, and even natural.

Download the files here

Reindeer by Sushigogokatana

Create a cool looking Reindeer lawn ornament using Sushigogokatana’s idea. Just add 180 Christmas lights to this outdoor light installation and you’ve got yourself a cool-looking reindeer decoration that might have Santa confuse it for the real thing.

Download the files here

Ornament Candy Dish by EmbraceNext

Looking for a cheery candy bowl to hold in your sweets on the holiday spread? Look no further than this Ornament Candy Dish by EmbraceNext. You can also use this to store keys and other bric-a-brac.

Download the files here

Reinbeer by kwg08

There’s nothing like a stubby or a pint to amp up the good cheer this Christmas. Level up your beer drinking with these Reinbeer bottle holders by kwg08. Even Santa might get tempted to sneak in a stubby or two with these beer holders while everyone is asleep.

Download the files here

Twisted Hanukkah Menorah by RAY_Design

For those who want to go against the grain but still maintain tradition, this Twisted Hanukkah Menorah by RAY_Design is right for you. This will add a touch of spook to your Hanukkah festivities without offending your elders.

Download the files here

Whatever your denomination is, let the holidays be a season of giving, love, and creativity for you. For inquiries about what filaments to use, you can browse our comprehensive filament data sheets or email us at x3d@x3d.com.au.