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Luke’s 3D Printing Story: The e-NABLE Movement

Meet eight year old Luke Dennison. Luke was born without the use of his left hand, so his father Gregg searched for a way to help his son. He found the volunteer group e-NABLE, made up of a worldwide network of over 5,000 volunteers and dedicated to use 3D printing to make a real difference to peoples lives.

e-NABLE designs, prints and donates “helper hands” free of charge to children and adults using Ultimaker 3D printers. They help people to find a 3D printer near them to print and assemble the pieces, or the hand files can be downloaded and printed at home.

Luke is able to play outside using his e-NABLE hand

Gregg contacted e-NABLE and now uses an Ultimaker 2 3D printer to create a number of different functional hands for Luke so he can hold and pick up objects.

“I feel a strong sense of pride as a father that my wife and I are able to provide my son with a new hand. Through e-NABLE and our Ultimaker 2 3D printer we are able to come up with a new hand whenever he needs one. Luke loves being able to pick the colours of his hand and show new designs off to his friends at school. e-NABLE and Ultimaker have made it easy for me to give my son the life he deserves.” – Gregg

The amazing assistive hands e-NABLE designs provide people with the ability of moving fingers if they able to bend their wrist.

“Being able to provide someone with a new assertive hand not only changes their life but also mine and everyone working with e-NABLE. Our volunteers come together to create, innovate re-design and give a ‘helping hand’ to those who need it – whether it’s helping to print parts, creating a completed device or simply helping to guide others s they build one themselves.” – Aaron Brown an e-NABLE volunteer

To learn more about the Ultimaker 2 3D printing range that Gregg and e-NABLE use to print 3D hands, click here