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Smooth Operator

3D Printers are improving the level of print quality by using smaller diameter nozzles to improve print detail and accuracy, this however still leaves undesirable layer lines. In the majority of cases these layer lines are ugly and can be a turn off when trying to make a finished product or a model to paint.

Polymaker have a unique solution to this problem with their new PolySmooth filament; a PVB based material developed specifically for polishing. Then add the Polysher; a sealed machine that generates an aerosol of IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) or ethanol that evenly smooths and polishes your 3D Printed parts and you end up with truly stunning looking prints.


The Polysher achieves its goal to consistently remove layer lines from 3D Prints, offering easier, faster and more consistent results. While ABS and PLA cannot be smoothed in the Polysher, PolySmooth is a high quality easy to print material with useful mechanical properties for general printing, even if you don’t own a Polysher.

In the past, the dangers, difficulty or time consuming nature of other post processing techniques has made it difficult for schools, families and workplaces to improve the appearance and textile feel of their 3D Prints. The Polysher is a truly unique solution that makes 3D smoothing accessible to everyone.