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Can you see diagonal marks on your print?

Horizontal marks appear on the top layer of your print for some reason unbeknownst to you. What actually causes it is either over extrusion, combing, or overly low nozzle. In some cases, super high temperature also causes it especially if you are using old or cheap filaments.


It is easy to solve this issue with these fixes:

  • Adjust the flow rate of the filament: Reducing the flow rate by 5% will stop over extrusion of filament that can cause these diagonal scarring.
  • Deactivate combing: Combing is the most common culprit for this issue. While combing cuts the print times since it reduces the need for retraction, it can also cause scarring. Learn to tolerate longer print times to get an immaculate print.
  • Increase the retraction amount: If the problem still persists after switching off combing, increase the retraction amount. However, if this still doesn’t solve it, the culprit may be over extrusion or nozzle temperature.
  • Lower the nozzle temperature: If you are not sure as to the quality of your printer: you could decrease the hot end temperature by 5 degrees.
  • Increase the Z-Lift or Z-Hop settings: You need to lift the print head high enough so that the nozzle doesn’t scar the print. You can do so by increasing the Z-Lift or Z-Hop in .25 mm increments.