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After receiving their order we invited customers to tell us about their experience with a follow up questionnaire. As part of that process customers have an option to share their thoughts about the products they’ve ordered which are then posted as reviews.

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Very good filament, would buy again.

Product: X3D Pro Glow In The Dark PLA 1.75mm 1kg

The filament glows really well in the dark and doesn't take much light to charge it.

Matthew - May 2019

Marble filament first try

Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

Perfect. The colour and consistency is excellent. Running it through my new creality CR 4 now and am amazed at the results.

Stephen - May 2019

Great product for when you need a strong weather resistance material

Product: ApolloX - High Strength 2.85mm

Great product for when you need a strong weather resistance material. Can be difficult to get it to stick to build plate but using thinned PVA glue first then DimaFix it sticks every time and will not chip your build plate when allowed to soak in water to remove print.

Robert - Apr 2019

Product: X3D Pro ABS 1.75mm 1kg

X3D ABS works great, is consistent and has good colour.

Shane - Apr 2019

Better than PLA, but a little slow to get going...

Product: Polylite PETG

Prints similarly to PLA, but I can only get reliable prints at 40mm/s, I can do ~60mm/s in PLA

Flexibility and finish-ability are great though!

Magnificent colours too

Blue painters tape and blu-stick are an ideal bed surface for printing this stuff!!!

Andrew - Apr 2019


Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Never had any issues with this filament. Adheres well to a glass plate

Tristan - Apr 2019

X3D Carbon Fibre ROCKS

Product: X3D Pro Carbon Fiber Filament 800g

This stuff makes really stiff parts. I am printing at around 200C and getting good results. MUCH stiffer parts than standard PLA. The finish is pleasing and easy to clean up.

Llewellyn - Apr 2019

Product: Titan X - 1.75mm

Absolutely no shrinkage. Adheres to the base at relatively low temperatures. Well worth the extra cost because there are no dud prints.

Steve - Apr 2019

Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

Awesome filament! Prints very crisply, and the marble effect is beautiful. Very cool.

Lyn - Apr 2019

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Once again the team at X3D have delivered.....I have had multiple PLA orders with them now and service has been great. Product works well too with my printer...definitely will keep using....

Yokine WA

Jason - Mar 2019

Product: X3D Pro Carbon Fiber Filament 800g

Good Filament, Easy to Print with being close to warp free. High Strength and a nice satin-black carbon fiber finish.

Bryce - Mar 2019


Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Excellent print quality

Consistent colour and diameter

Love it!

Dylan - Mar 2019

Great filament. Tolerant to a noob's abuse!

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Extremely predictable behaviour with this filament making dialling in settings for your printer easy and very tolerant to inexperienced operators (that's me!).

Nick - Feb 2019

Product: X3D Pro Carbon Fiber Filament 800g


Brad - Feb 2019

Fantastic filament! Looks just like marble.

Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

This filament was very easy to print with. I bought it so I could print some containers/vases to blend in with our kitchen bench top. I printed a vase that has our hand soap in it so you don't see the bottle anymore (printed using a 0.8mm nozzle in vase mode).

Damian - Feb 2019

Great product but slow shipping

Product: PolyMax PLA

Love X3D pla almost as much as polymaker. But i wont make the mistake of chosing standard shipping again. Sendle was very slow and with terrible tracking.

Greg - Feb 2019

Product: Polymaker PolyBox Version 2

This version II, has three outlet ports on the base and three on the cover. Works well

for those humidity sensitive filaments. I printed a simple desiccant holder with a small

12 volt fan to speed up the absorption once the chamber lid was attached. I dry the

desiccant and filament in a food dehydrator before use. Those Nylon filaments require

a dry/polybox to get the best results.

Cheers Arie

Arie - Feb 2019

Stable consistent printing

Product: X3D - ASA - Black - 1.75mm

Good consistent extrusion, and size. Easy to use on ender3. Getting it to stick is a bit of a challenge - bed 105+

Shaun - Feb 2019

Awesome Filament - just be aware

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Have been using these filaments for awhile now on various printers without too many issues. Did have a problem where the filament would bind up when trying to unwind which caused an issue with over night prints jamming but that was only on 2 rolls. Just something to keep an eye out for.

Stephen - Feb 2019

As Good as Colorfabb XT-CF20

Product: X3D Pro Carbon Fiber Filament 800g

As good as Colorfabb carbon fiber and much better value! Stong print and great finish.

Bruce - 30th Jan 2019

Its Good and So is the Customer Service

Product: X3D Pro ABS 1.75mm 1kg

Prints really well and like the free samples added with my order!

John - 30th Jan 2019

No Real Problems

Product: Python Flex - 1.75mm

Recently Purchased Python Flex and Polyflex 1.75 and given sample of X3D


No real problems, Python seems better for bowden extruder and better

suited to novice less stringy possibly not as good a surface finish.

perhaps not worth the price unless looking for easier way to print flex.

Polyflex Prints as good as others have used and perhaps slightly less

stringy than X3D TPU. Although for the price the standard TPU would be

considered better value. poly seems to have better strength and finish.

Small items printed only, modified ultimake 2+ extruder with modified

bowden reduction to 1.75mm with cheap ($2 banggood creality) nozzle. no


Sentrex - 22nd January 2018

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Performed well using a Snapmaker.

Luke - Jan 2019

Product: X3D Pro Wood Filament 800g

Performed well using a Snapmaker.

Luke - Jan 2019

Product: X3D Pro Glow In The Dark PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Performed well using a Snapmaker.

Luke - Jan 2019

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Performed well using a Snapmaker.

Luke - Jan 2019

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Been using this filament for some time now and never had an issue.

Alex - Jan 2019

Nice material, filament broken in multiple places

Product: PolyMax Polycarbonate 750G

The material properties are great, a very good PC to print with. However in the last 200g there were at least 7 breaks in the filament (visible only once you got down to that level), which caused some real issues (a failed 18HR print!) Unfortunate otherwise I'd be considering the full 5 stars for this!

Callum - Jan 2019

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Easy to use and great for a beginner like me.

Aaron - Jan 2019

Product: X3D - ASA - Black - 1.75mm

Prints just as fantastically as the X3D pro ABS!

Brodie - Jan 2019

It’s pre’ damn good

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Well, I mean it works. Definitely worth the quality, compare to what I was using before; even if a little more expensive.

Mathieu - Jan 2019

Give me Strength

Product: X3D Pro Polycarbonate 1.75mm 1kg

Great value as compared to other Polycarbonates out there. At high temp end of scale for me but did a great job.

Dave - 2nd December 2018

Nice Finish

Product: X3D Pro Wood Filament 800g

Comes out like MDF but you can easily rub some wood stain of your choice on and it looks tremendous.

Will - 16 October 2018

Very Pleased

Product: X3D Pro PETG 1.75mm 1kg

Super easy as thought PETG was prone to stringing. Will be getting more.

Alan - 4th November 2018

Tough to Master but Worth It!

Product: X3D Pro Nylon 1.75mm 1kg

Had initial trouble with it warping as had a large print. But by keeping the temperature controlled and using a Dimafix Pen it turned out a treat. No spitting through moisture which I have had with Taulman Nylon in the past.

Incredibly strong and good finish.

Lee - 13 November 2018

Took a while to dissolve

Product: X3D Pro HIPS White 1kg

I have a dual head printer and thought would try this instead of supports. Worked well but took an hour to fully dissolve the hips. Nice finish though.

Ron - 2nd December 2018


Product: X3D Pro Translucent PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Good print but more frosted look than translucent.

Jeff - 8th November 2018

Good Glow

Product: X3D Pro Glow In The Dark PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Tried both the green and the blue. The green glowed brighter than the blue but both worked better with UV torch for 1 minute. They were great for Halloween.

14th November 2018

Hard to finetune filament, but nice colour

Product: ColorFabb NGEN 1.75mm

I found this filament very hard to finetune, I just used more than half of the spool for testing purposes and did not find the optimal settings yet,

Although it's getting better. It's brittle when printed too cold or using too much cooling fan. The material is very runny at higher temperatures so you have to find an optimum between brittle when printing at lower temperature and more breaking-resist when printing at higher temperatures, but then you'll get stringing and oozing issues.

I like the dark grey colour and it should be more temperature resistant than PLA. The communication of the shop was great.

Printed with a Sunhokey Prusa I4 (finetuned and modded) 0.4mm nozzle and 0.2mm layers. Best settings so far using Simplify 3D:

230 degrees, 80 degrees bed, fan 50%

First layer: 75% height, 100% width and 50% speed

First 3 layers 240 degrees and 0% fan.

Use 100% fan at bridging, 30% speed and 110% extrusion multiplier

Retraction 2.5mm

Extra restart -0.20mm

Retraction speed 60mm/s

Print speed 50mm/s, outer perimeter 25mm/s

4 top, bottom and wall perimeters

Dennis - Nov 2018

Tough and user friendly

Product: Taulman 910 Alloy Natural filament 450g - 1.75mm

Great filament, seems very strong, and it's easy to print with relatively little changes to standard settings. The guys @ x3d were really helpful and got the filament to me in good time. Great work!

Brad - Oct 2018

SteelFill Electronic Ferrites!

Product: ColorFabb SteelFill

Quality as expected from ColorFabb. Composites can sometimes be tricky to get right. SteelFill works great. Using it for custom low level ferrite shapes. It actually works.

Tim - Oct 2018

All round quality

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Great filament - consistent in every aspect. Whatever X3D are doing....keep it up.

Tim - Oct 2018

Would definitely buy again

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Printed really well. Haven't had a chance to print too much with it since I'm still configuring my printer but it hasn't caused me any issues. I did notice a slight colour change on one of my prints, but that could be a symptom of my messing with the extrusion temperature mid-print.

Lachlan - Oct 2018

Excellent TPU, very lush. Easy to print

Product: X3D Pro Flexible TPU 1.75mm 800g

Great TPU. Just need some transparent colours as well as some purple and pink

Ward - Oct 2018

Product: X3D Pro Wood Filament 800g

Prints well with nice consistent surface finish when using larger nozzle sizes.

Laurel - Sep 2018

Marble Filament is a must for everyone

Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

Love the look of it and comes out in a Matt finish which actually helps hide the ridges/layer lines. Will be buying again and looks great for decorative inside plant pots, pen cups and figures. Thanks guys for the

Great service every time.

Jonathan - Sep 2018

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Prints well with a nice range of colours

Patricia - Aug 2018

Product: X3D Pro Smooth Filament 1.75mm 1kg

The finish on this filament is very smooth and glossy, although I ordered a roll of the red it actually prints quite pink. I found that when printing on glass using a heated bed the print would stick so well to the bed that I couldn't get it off without almost breaking the glass, after much prying and levering the print finally came off the bed when some of the lower-middle layers separated.

Axton - Aug 2018

Great Filament

Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

Excellent Filament to work with and great finished product after printing. I found the slight opacity was very good at hiding the layer lines on my finished prints and was very impressed by the overall ease of use.

Axton - Aug 2018

Nice finish

Product: X3D Pro Flexible TPU 1.75mm 800g

Nice finish and has the flexibility and strength i was after

Greg - Aug 2018

Gorgeous finish

Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

This filament is just beautiful, my miniture scenario olooks great

Greg - Aug 2018

Consistent and fantastic quality at a good price!

Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Been using X3D pro filaments for almost a year, tried many of the different PLA varieties and so far very happy with the consistency of the prints - using the CR-10s, pretty much all default profile settings, no issues with adhesion or stringing or anything else - prints come out very very nice. Highly recommended!

Ian - Aug 2018

Product: X3D Pro Translucent PLA 1.75mm 1kg

a beautiful print at 190 with a consistent diameter. Nicley spooled and decently priced. I would like to see the spools have a slit added with a gage to allow you to see your remaining filament, but other then this I recommend the x3d pro filament to anyone i talk with who asks for good filament.

Matty - Aug 2018

Very Happy

Product: ApolloX - High Strength - 1.75mm

This material prints easily, has great strength with the right print temp and doesn't really have an odour to it. Outdoor testing has shown it doesn't deform in heat, but summer is still on the way and water definitely doesn't affect its quality. Very happy.

Glen - Aug 2018

so far so good

Product: X3D Pro ABS 1.75mm 1kg

Seem like a good filament but blue does seem to smell alot more than the other abs that I have printed

Mark - Aug 2018

Tough and Easy

Product: Taulman PCTPE Nylon filament 450g

This is a really easy filament to print. I use 235C nozzle temp, 45C build plate, 50/50 PVA/Water on glass and fan speed zero and get great results every time. It is more flexible than most Nylon but incredibly tough and suitable for production parts.

Anthony - Aug 2018

Gayest filament of all time

Product: ColorFabb SteelFill

The steel fill is the gayest filament of all time. You could pattycake beach sand into a shape and it would be stronger than this rubbish. I still have 90% of the roll left if anybody wants it free.

Charles - Aug 2018

A Well Manufactured Product!

Product: Polymaker PolyBox Version 2

A little expensive, but it is very well made and I love the fact that I can have two reels setup inside for printing. Change over is very simply. Some people think that these are a waste of time, but I have had the experience of blow outs in my prints due to moisture in my filament, so for me it is no waste of time!

Greg - Aug 2018

Cannot Go Past This Marble PLA filament!

Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

I'm currently manufacturing Lithophane gift lights. We have used both timber and the Marble PLA filament. The marble filament, extrudes so good at around 200 deg C, and the layer finish means that I need to spend very little time preparing the parts for final assembly and sale. The look is so real to actual Marble, it is amazing.

Greg - Aug 2018

Filament Comments

Product: X3D Pro ABS 1.75mm 1kg

Good quality filament but I have to run my extruder at 220C rather than the 200C for my normal brand filament.

Bed temperature has also gone up from 100C to 110C to make it stick.

I have been printing for over 4 years now with a Flashforge Dreamer.

Nissan - Aug 2018

Great Product

Product: PolyPlus PLA - 750g

Always consistent, good flow, great product

Naomi - Aug 2018

Great ABS

Product: X3D Pro ABS 1.75mm 1kg

Once I got my retraction and temperature settings right, this ABS has been great to print with. I will definitely buy more in the future.

Tomago Aluminium - Aug 2018


Product: X3D Pro Carbon Fiber Filament 800g

Another 5 star product from X3D... a larger nozzle size and wd40/Oiler solved any problems with carbon fibre build up for my 3 day print - excellent results.

Brett - Aug 2018


Product: X3D Pro Glow In The Dark PLA 1.75mm 1kg

Excellent material quality, with smooth printing results and It’s blue glow is very cool.. one of my favourites..

Brett - Aug 2018

Game Changer

Product: Polymaker PolyBox Version 2

This has changed the way i print reduced my failures by 40%

Jarrod - Aug 2018

Top support

Product: PolySupport Material 500g

Excellent support filament, easy to remove

George - Aug 2018

Highly recommended.

Product: X3D Pro PETG 1.75mm 1kg

Super easy to print. Highly recommended.

JARROD - Aug 2018


Product: X3D Pro Marble Filament 1kg

Super easy to print with a fantastic finish. Highly recommended.

JARROD - Aug 2018

Amazing stuff

Product: ApolloX - High Strength - 1.75mm

This stuff is amazing. Great strength. Great colour. Just remember to print it slow, hot and with a layer of hairspray down to keep it stuck on the bed.

Grayson - Aug 2018

Great results.

Product: X3D Pro PETG 1.75mm 1kg

Easy to print with, even on an open bed printer. Great results.

Damien - Aug 2018

Prints better than ColorFabb

Product: X3D Pro PLA 3.00mm 1kg

Your X3D prints better than the colorfabb!

Neil - 5th June 2018

Recognition of Outstanding Customer Service

Product: X3D Pro ABS 1.75mm 1kg

I just wanted to give Mark and the company recognition as finding customer service as good as Mark provides is very few and far between nowadays.

30th May 2018


Product: X3D Pro ABS 1.75mm 1kg

From now on X3D is and will remain my sole supplier. ABS goes down like butter - perfect finish every time. And love your buy 3 get a free roll deal.

Todd - 8 April


Product: X3D Pro PLA 1.75mm 1kg

I recently placed an order for a few rolls of PLA (your X3D Pro range) and have been very impressed with the quality. In summary, I love your product! Will be interesting to try out some of your other filament rolls when I get the chance. When I need any filament I know I can just get it from you and it will just work; sounds like a simple thing but it takes a lot to be able to achieve this so full marks to you! Additionally, if I am ever asked where to get a top quality filament at a reasonable price I am more than happy to recommend you.

Martin - 6 Feb