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7 Reasons to Choose X3D!


1. It’s all about quality!

X3D only stock and supply quality products. You won’t find every 3D Printer on the market at X3D because not all 3D Printers are good. We personally test every printer and all our filaments are thoroughly tested by a technical team using some of the best 3D printers on the market. Only the filaments that produce a perfect print are X3D certified to guarantee the quality and efficiency you expect. When you buy from X3D you can be sure you are buying the best there is.



We offer free shipping on all orders over $80 on our filament range (Australia only).


3. Fast Delivery

We have a huge range of filaments in stock. All orders are shipped within 24 hours. Express orders are shipped on an overnight courier service, so expect delivery within 2 – 3 business days from order placement. You can track your order online. Standard freight is by road and can take up to 7 working days depending on your location. Printers are shipped by road and may take between 7-10 business days from order depending on your location.

4. Great Customer Service


Fed up with poor customer service? Try the rest and then come to X3D. We have qualified and experienced 3D customer service and support staff ready to assist you.

We’re never going to win any beauty contests but we will get back to you promptly and assist you every step of the way on your 3D printing journey.

5. Excellent Support

It’s when things go wrong that you need the right backup and support. You won’t be fobbed off at X3D – if you are not happy with your filament we offer a full refund or replace. If your printer needs a repair – we will fix it!


6. Free Samples

We ship a selection of samples with each roll of filament ordered. Simply click on the Add Free Sample button to select a colour and gauge.

7. Rewards and Offers?

All X3D customers get a further 5% off our entire range of X3D Premium Filaments and can login to access to offers, free samples, specials and past order information not publicly advertised on our website.