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Now you can try the worlds greatest 3d printing filaments before having to invest in a whole roll.

Our samples come in 1.75mm – 5 meter lengths.. Want more then order 2 lengths and we will send you double and it works out cheaper per meter too!

Free samples

You can order a free sample with every X3D roll ordered. Or order a free random sample pack with every X3D roll ordered. Free samples are discretionary and if we do not have the requested sample an alternative will be included. We may reduce the number of free samples ordered at our discretion eg if you have already had a free sample pack we may exclude it from future orders.

If you want a specific sample you have the option to buy one!

1 Free Sample With Every Roll

Add a Free Sample with every full roll of X3D filament purchased.

Free Filament Samples Pack

Try a selection of random 3D Printing Samples – Free with every full roll ordered Just add to your...

Free School Samples Pack

Free Filament Sample Selection! Try a selection of speciality filaments delivered for free to your...

X3D TPu 1.75mm Sample

Parts made with TPU are extremely elastic and can be stretched up to twice their original length before returning to their original form when released.

X3D ABS Samples

Try a Sample Before You Buy a Full Roll!

X3D PLA Samples

Try a Sample Before You Buy a Full Roll!

Speciality Samples Pack

Want to try some different experimental filaments. Then choose our Speciality pack

X3D ASA Sample

ASA offers improved weather resistance and excellent strength properties and as such is widely used in the automotive industry.

X3D Glow ABS Sample

X3D Glow filament is high quality grade filament manufactured to very tight tolerances for consistent feeding and stable prints

X3D Glow PLA Samples

X3D Glow filament is high quality grade filament manufactured to very tight tolerances for consistent feeding and stable prints.

X3D Translucent PLA Samples

Don't want a full roll? Then order a sample.

X3D Nylon 1.75mm Sample

Nylon is a stronger, durable and more versatile alternative 3D printing material to your regular PLA and ABS.

X3D Wood Sample

X3D wood filament is made with recycled wood and a binding polymer.

Centaur PP Sample - 1.75mm

Centaur PP is a lightweight and high-performance Polypropylene (PP) filament, which is engineered to have outstanding mechanical properties and a superb interlayer adhesion.

X3D HIPS 1.75mm 5M Sample

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) can be used as a support material for ABS prints which can easily be dissolved in Limonene, without affecting your ABS print!

X3D PETG Sample

PETG doesn't emit a toxic odour and has little problems with warping or shrinking.

X3D Polycarbonate Sample

X3D Pro Polycarbonate filament is a strong thermoplastic material which is much stronger than PLA or ABS.

X3D Carbon Fiber Sample

X3D Carbon Fibre PLA is mixed with carbon fibre strands, this material offers incredible rigidity, structural strength and great layer adhesion and low warping.

X3D 1.75mm Twinkling Sample

Add that extra sparkle to your print

X3D Conductive Sample

Great for anti-static objects!

Python Flex Sample - 1.75mm

Python Flex is an extremely easy to print flexible filament which can be printed directly on a glass plate without having to use the heatbed.

HDglass 1.75mm Sample

HD stands for “Heavy Duty”, as HDglass™ has excellent properties when it comes to strength, toughness and temperature resistance for same like materials.

Stonefil Sample Pack - 1.75mm

This StoneFil Sample Pack contains the following samples (50g each): StoneFil – Concrete...

Apollo X Sample

ApolloX™ is a professional high-performance engineering filament, which is based on an uniquely industrial-grade modified ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) compound.

StoneFil Terracotta Sample - 1.75mm

StoneFil Terracotta is a PLA-based filament which is based on modified and easy-to-print EasyFil PLA compound and is gravimetrically filled with 50% of powdered stone.

Formfutura Easy Wood Sample - 1.75mm

EasyWood™ is a revolutionary 3D printer filament, it looks, feels and smells like real wood! EasyWood™ filaments contain a unique mixture of at least 40% grinded wood particles in combination with the modified and proven easy-to-print binding polymers use

Skulpt - Sample

SKULPT is a unique sculptable 3D printer filament materialized by Thibra3D, which allows one to post process SKULPT 3D printed objects similar to sculpting clay.

Titan X - Sample

TitanX™ is the evolution of ABS into a warp-free filament extremely suitable for 3D printing large scale and high precision engineering objects.

X3D Grey Marble - 1.75mmSample

Our X3D Z-Marble Filament is a composite, upgraded PLA material with a marble like appearance.

ABSpro Flame Retardant Sample

Flame Retardant is a professional, halogen free, self-extinguishing filament

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The World’s Best 3D Printing Filaments

X3D offer you this amazing opportunity to try out some of the worlds best 3D Printing filaments for your 3D Desktop printer. Now you can try before you buy, without having to dig deep into your pockets.