FilaForm is a local filament brand in Australia. FilaForm is a filament brand based in Adelaide. The goal of this brand is to provide 3D printing expert and enthusiast for quality and affordable filaments. This filament brand has a fantastic range of PLA, ABS and Pro filaments. They are available in many types and colours. They come as 1kg or 500 grams rolls of either 1.75mm or 2.85mm sizes. Browse the FilaForm range of filaments below.

Colour Options

FilaForm filaments come in different colours. The range of colours available for you from this filament brand stretches from rainbow color palette to something extraordinary like glow-in-the-dark colour and flame retardant ABS.


The ABS filament is awesome. The FilaForm PLA is not recommended to be used on all-metal toolheads, but it can definitely be used on Polymaker range that has higher heat tolerance. The FilaForm Pro, the premium range from FilaForm, has zero warp technology and excellent mechanical properties. The FilaForm Pro is made from the highest quality materials. It is a reliable filament and it is affordable.

The innovative filament like ASA, on the other hand, is strong, durable, UV stable, and shows very low warping. This is a filament that can deliver good performance without having problems during printing, like what ABS sometimes experiences.
With FilaForm ASA, you can experience smooth printing. It is perfect when you want to create beautiful and strong builds.

Buy FilaForm Filaments Online

Our team at X3D is very proud to support a local Australian company that produces quality and durable 3D printing filaments. X3D offers their full range of filaments to 3D printing hobbyist and experts around Australia. If you have any question about the filaments made by FilaForm, call us on 08 6380 7488.