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Polymaker are one of the leading 3D printing filament manufacturers with a rapidly growing portfolio of materials. Committed to innovation, quality and sustainability; Polymaker do not simply adhere to the current standards but are market leaders for quality in the industry. With an eight step quality control process in place, all filaments that reach your door are guaranteed to have the best quality standards.

PolyMide CoPA Nylon 1.75mm

PolyMide™ CoPA is based on a copolymer of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6. The filament combines excellent...

Polymaker PolyBox Version 2

PolyBox™ is a filament storage box that allows you to store your materials in their optimum printing environment while still being able to print with them.

Polymaker Polysher

Get that injection molded look with Polymakers groundbreaking smoothing machine

Polymaker ASA - 1.75mm

PolyLite™ ASA is an alternative to ABS with an improved weather resistance. Its UV resistance and excellent mechanical properties make it the perfect choice for real life application.

PolyFlex TPU95 Material - 750g

PolyFlex™ gives you flexible prints with no need to worry about the part breaking.

PolyLite ABS - 1.75mm

PolyLite ABS is a pure ABS designed for reliable printing, consistent performance, low odor, and above all, the amazing price.

Polylite PETG

Easy to Print PolyLite PETG has been designed to offer excellent printer compatibility so you can...

PolyLite PLA - 1.75mm

PolyLite PLA is a pure PLA designed for reliable printing, consistent performance, low odor, and above all, the amazing price.

PolyMax PLA

This new material exhibits over 8-9 times better impact strength and toughness than regular PLA.

PolyMax Polycarbonate 750G

Polymaker PolyMax™ offers the absolute best in toughness that is simply unobtainable from other 3D printing materials of similar stiffness.

PolySmooth PVB - 750g

Polysmooth is a PVB material that can be printed with PLA settings, creating excellent smooth prints.

PolyWood Material 600g

*Wood with no mess* Polymaker has developed a unique foaming technology that mimics wood structurally.

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Polymaker is a known 3D printing filament manufacturer that produces high quality and unique products. This brand offers different types of filaments. Polymaker takes pride in delivering uncompromised quality. This brand is one of the market leaders in the 3D printing industry.


The Ultimaker brand has committed itself to rigorously testing and engineering its products including 3D printing filaments. With its ever-growing portfolio of filament materials, Polymaker is known for innovating filament products and making quality and sustainable 3D printing materials. This brand has an eight-step process in place in ensuring the best quality standards.

X3D is an official seller of Polymaker filaments in Australia. We sell PolyBox, Polysher, PC-Max and PC-Plus Polycarbonate, PolyFlex Material, PolyLite ABS and PLA, PolyMax PLA, PolySmooth PVB, PolySupport Material, and PolyWood Material.

Colour Options

There are many colour options available when you purchase Polymaker filaments. PolyMaker filaments come in a range of colours and in two diameters. For example, PolyPlus PLA is available in opaque colours (Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Teal, Blue, Purple, Green, Grey, Black and White) and translucent colours (Translucent Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow). PolyMax is also available in six colours.

With the introduction of new three true colors of grey, purple, and green, the gap towards the higher wavelength end of the spectrum has been filled in. The new colours make it possible for customers to have warm hues, which perfect to print home ware products. With so many colours to choose from Polymaker filaments, you will surely find the right choice for your 3D prints.

Speciality Polymaker Filaments


This is one-of-a-kind smoothable 3D printing filament that is very easy to print, has warp-free characteristics, and features mechanical properties that can outperform ABS and PLA on most features. This filament is ideal for everyday 3D printing.


This is an easy-to-print functional and flexible filament material by Polymaker. This is a highly flexible filament material that is very easy to use for everyone. It also allows you to print cool, functional, and flexible prints without warping or breaking. You can print prosthetics, shoes, clothing, phone cases and many more with PolyFlex. With this speciality filament, you can print without worries.


This is specially manufactured by Polymaker to be an easy-to-remove support material. This can be used on both Single and Dual extrusion 3D printers in 1.75mm and 2.85mm in diameter. This filament can support your needs whether you’re using dual-extrusion or single-extrusion. This speciality filament can either perform as a dedicated support material or as the support and modeling material. The support structure can be easily removed in both instances.

Buy Polymaker Filaments Online

Polymaker filaments are one the best quality and most innovative materials available on the market today. Polymaker has a growing portfolio of filaments and speciality filaments that can surely satisfy your 3D printing needs. If you have any question about the filaments, contact us on 08 6380 7488. Buy Polymaker filaments from X3D today!