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Taulman High Strength 3D Printing materials is the combined effort of chemical companies, extrusion manufactures and taulman3D to specifically develop a single material to meet as many high performance 3D Printing needs as possible.

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Taulman 3D Printer Filament Range

Taulman 3D filaments are known in the 3D printing world for their suitability for real-world applications. These filaments are cost-effective and highly durable. They are good for producing high quality prints. Taulman is a 3D printing materials based in the United States. This 3D printing materials manufacturer specializes in producing a variety of nylon materials. It also produces ABS and PLA filaments.

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Quality Filaments

Taulman has specially engineered filaments to work with different 3D printers. Their Nylon filament are strong, durable, and easy to print. Their Nylon filaments are also highly flexible and have fine and well bonded layers.

There are many advantages you can have when you use Taulman filaments for making your 3D printing builds, particularly using their Nylon filaments. Their quality and versatile speciality filaments are known for working well with high end 3D printers. Taulman filaments are also recommended if your goal is to create real life model prints, prototypes and parts.

Taulman, one of the leaders in innovative 3D printing filaments, has spent considerable time on perfecting their 3D printing filaments. Research and development is needed in the quest of new and effective 3D printing techniques, and this is exactly Taulman is spending on over the years.

Taulman Speciality Filaments

Today Taulman is the number one supplier of PETT and nylon type filaments for 3D printing. These incredibly durable and strong filaments come in various colours. The filaments are offered in both 1.75mm and 3mm sizes.

One special filament of Taulman is the Bridge Filament. This is a blend of nylon. It is available in black and natural colours. This is can be potentially used for gears, supports for spacers and general utility, and household replacement parts.

The Taulman 3D 618 is another filament that is strong, durable, and natural. This can be colour dyed. What is good about using this speciality filament is that it does not emit any odour and unpleasant fumes. It also does not stick to any kind of printing table. This filament is ideal for 3D printing places that do not have good ventilation.

Order Quality Taulman Filaments Online

X3D is an authorized seller of Taulman 3D printing filaments in Australia. We sell Taulman filament range which includes Taulman Bridge Nylon, PCPTE Nylon, T-Glase, Tech-G, Taulman in-PLA PLAdium, 618 and 645 Nylon filament, and 910 Alloy Black filament. If you have any enquiries regarding Taulman 3D printing filaments, contact our team at X3D on 08 6380 7488 today!