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Z-ABS can be used in conjunction with the Zortrax M200 and Z-Suite Software in order to make easy-to-remove support structures for complex models. No additional extruder or material is required to print with advanced support. 1.75mm diameter with a ± 0.05 mm tolerance.

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Zortrax is a Polish 3D printing company that has recently penetrated major markets around the world. Its range of filaments has seen a steady increase in purchase, especially in areas where the M200 and other Zortrax 3D printers have also been selling well.

The Polish 3D printing company is expanding, so is the range of filaments it offers to 3D printing enthusiasts and hobbyists. The range of filaments from this company includes simple everyday Z-ABS filament to high temperature resistant and strong Z-PCABS with polycarbonate. Many Zortrax filaments work on most 3D printers.


Zortrax Filaments are best suited to Zortrax M200 3D printer. Using filaments from Zortrax ensures quality print performance on Zortrax M200. The range of filaments is offered in different colours. X3D offers a selection of Zortrax Z-ABS and Zortrax Z-Ultrat in different colours. Our team recommends these two filaments for your M200 printer but you can definitely take a look at other quality filaments from this company. Let’s see the different Zortrax filaments below.


This is a dedicated plastic filament best suited for your Zortrax M200 3D printer. It features high hardness, low elasticity, and low level of deformation. This is highly recommended for printing accurate prototypes like architectural models, utility models, and working parts.


This is a relatively cheaper filament material. It is available in different colours. You can use this filament to make builds like conceptual models, gadgets, or whatever you can imagine to print.


This filament can reduce risk of deformation in builds. It can also reduce time needed for post-processing. With its light absorption capacity, it can also reduce visible imperfections. You can create big objects that have a regular structure with this filament.


This is an ivory coloured filament that is durable and highly resistant blend of ABS and polycarbonate (PC). This is perfect for creating casings, moving parts or structural elements.


This filament is highly resistant to salts, acids, bases and alkalis. This is recommended for printing diverse prototypes that are often exposed to chemical elements. It can make builds with a shiny surface not prone to damage caused by time and light.

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X3D is an authorized seller of Zortrax range of filaments in Australia. We offer the five filament materials above in various colours. If you have any enquiries regarding Zortrax filaments, talk to our team at X3D today by calling us on 08 6380 7488 today!