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Taulman 645 Nylon filament 450g

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Taulman Nylon for Strength!

Supplied in a 450g filament spool size. Taulman 645 Nylon prints as a bright natural to white finish with a translucent surface. You can also add colour to your print using common clothing dyes. It can be printed with similar settings and cutting speeds used in Cast Nylon blocks.

Potential Uses

  • Gears – Med/Heavy load
  • Propeller blades
  • General Industrial needs
  • Large Flanges, Housings, positioning
  • Wide Chemical resistance of petrol’s
  • Sand blasting
  • Masking
  • Spacers/Interconnect


  • Recommended printing temperature of 245C
  • Recommended printing speed of 28mm/s to 34mm/s
  • Easy surface bonding (doesn’t stick to glass or aluminium print tables)
  • Reduced water absorption
  • Tear resistant and dye absorption
  • Strong as injection moulded parts
  • Does not emit any printing fumes
  • Instantly recognisable as Nylon
  • There are NO additives or chemicals (listed in the REACH Directive)
  • Contains NO toxic chemicals


Material Nylon
Diameter Tolerance ± 0.01 mm
Print Temperature 235°C – 260°C
Density G/CM 21.5°C 1.08
Spool Size 126 mm x 70 mm
Weight Filament 0.45 kg, 1 lb
Spool Hub Diameter 19mm


Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.


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Product: Taulman 645 Nylon filament 450g

Arie - Feb 2019