Taulman 910 Alloy Natural filament 450g - 1.75mm

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The new nylon standard!

Supplied in a 450g filament spool size. Taulman 910 is a high impact and durable co-polymer Alloy with a tensile strength of 8,100PS. Alloy 910 is an excellent material for robotics, machines or any need that requires high durability, high strength or high temperature parts. Due to Alloy 910’s chemical composition it has a low water absorption.

Potential Uses

  • Any industrial parts that are currently being made of other high tensile polymers.
  • Large motor mounting
  • Industrial vibration isolators and damping parts
  • High Pressure Sand Blasting resistant
  • Sand Blast Masking
  • Electroplating supports and hangers
  • Chemical dip and tank supports.
  • High end gears and cams
  • Chemical resistant equipment covers.


  • Recommended printing temperature of 245C – 250C
  • Can be printed on either a heated or cold print bed
  • Cold Print Bed to use BuildTak with coat of PVA
  • Hot Print Bed glass to be heated to 45C with coat of PVA
  • Colour is clear with a subtle amber – can be dyed with acid based dyes.


Material Nylon
Diameter Tolerance ± 0.01 mm
Retraction 1mm/.1mm nozzle or 5mm/.5mm nozzle
Shrinkage 0.0033 in/in
Tensile Strength 8,100PSI
Print Temperature N/A
Modulus PSI 72,932
Tg 82C
Transmission 75%
Max Elongation at break 31%
Spool Size 126 mm x 70 mm
Weight Filament 0.45 kg, 1 lb
Spool Hub Diameter 19mm


Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.


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Tough and user friendly

Product: Taulman 910 Alloy Natural filament 450g - 1.75mm

Great filament, seems very strong, and it's easy to print with relatively little changes to standard settings. The guys @ x3d were really helpful and got the filament to me in good time. Great work!

Brad - Oct 2018