X3D Wood Sample

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Pricing by Quantity

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Stock available

1.75mm 867
3.00mm 975

Try Wood by Ordering a Sample!

Need twice as much? Just add QTY 2 to the cart and we will send you double the sample length (10 meters for 1.75mm and 6 meters for 3.00mm)!

Sample Lengths

  • 1.75mm comes in 5 meter lengths (Choose qty 2 for 10m)
  • 3.00mm comes in 3 meter lengths (Choose qty 2 for 6m)

X3D wood filament is made with recycled wood and a binding polymer. This allows the wood filament be extruded through the nozzle just like regular PLA and ABS.

The final print has a wooden-like appearance which can be cut, sanded and painted just like regular wooden objects.



Store filament away from the sun and in a sealed plastic bag with the silicon moisture bag inside.


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