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Ultimaker 3

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Ultimaker 3 the Professional 3D Printer.

  • Reliable dual extrusion with water soluble support
  • Higher uptime, faster change overs with material-matching swappable print cores
  • Easy setup for the best results with advanced 3D printing automation systems
  • Enhanced 3D printing experience with a cohesive ecosystem and connectivity
  • High up time, low maintenance
  • Create complex designs with reliable dual extrusion

For a larger build volume, have a look at the Ultimaker 3 Extended.

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Why we like it?

Now with dual extrusion and increased accuracy the Ultimaker 3 will create beautifully detailed, high quality 3D models (straight from your home computer) with dissolvable support structures to cut down your post processing time. With its easy to use simple interface controlled by the printers scroll wheel, it allows you change speed and temperature settings during any printing stage.

The Ultimaker 3 is perfect for any skill level – whether you are a novice to 3D printing or an expert. The already pre-assembled Ulitmaker 3 is ready to start printing as soon as you take it out of the box.

What’s in the Box?

  • Ultimaker 3 3D Printer
  • A USB stick, glue stick, grease, hex wrenches and USB and Ethernet cables
  • Two swappable 0.4 AA print cores
  • A swappable 0.4 BB print core
  • A 350 g spool of Ultimaker PLA
  • A 350 g spool of Ultimaker PVA
  • A spool holder with an NFC cable
  • A calibration card and XY calibration sheet
  • Cura, the award-winning print preparation software
  • Powerful Ultimaker app
  • Comprehensive 12-month warranty (excl. print core.)

Product Review

How Fast Can I Get it?

Your printer will arrive 7-10 working days from your order. Printer orders are shipped for free on standard road freight. If you want your printer faster additional courier charges may apply.

Support and Warranty

All our printers come with a 12 months manufacturers warranty. Once your printer has been delivered our service does not end there. We are on hand to answer technical questions, provide advice and tips on getting the best performance from your printer. Contact us for support and assistance (9.00 am to 4.30pm EST.)

Vital Statistics

Printer Properties
Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Build plate leveling Active leveling
Print Head Dual extrusion print head
Print Core Replacement Swappable print cores
Build Volume L/W/H (Left/Right Nozzle) 215×215×200mm
(Dual Extrusion) 197×215×200mm
Desktop Space 342×380×389mm
Layer Resolution 200 to 20 microns (0.4mm)
Build Speed 0.40 nozzle: up to 16 mm3/s
Print head travel speed 30 to 300 mm/s
Feeder Type Dual geared feeder
XYZ accuracy 12.5, 12.5, 2.5 micron
Print Surface Heated glass build plate (20-100℃)
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Nozzle Temperature 180-280℃
Nozzle Heat Up Time < 2 minutes
Build Plate Heat Up Time < 4 minutes
Operating Sound 50 dBA

System Open filament system
Filament Diameter 2.85mm
Supported Materials Nylon, PLA, ABS, CPE and PVA

Supplied Software Cura – the official FREE print preparation Ultimaker Software
Supported OS Windows/Mac OS X/Linux
File Types STL/OBJ/3MF
File Transfer WiFi, LAN or USB
Operating Ambient Temperature 15 ˚C to 32 ˚C (59 °F to 89 °F)
Non-operating Temperature 0 ˚C to 32 ˚C (32 °F to 89 °F)
Input 100 – 240 V. 4A, 50-60 Hz. 221 W max.
Output 24 V DC, 9.2 A