ApolloX - High Strength - 1.75mm

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High Strength & Engineering Filament

Roll size 750gms

ApolloX™ is a professional high strength & performance engineering filament based on a uniquely industrial-grade modified ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) compound. ApolloX™ has been modified to have great thermal stability & improved filament flow behavior and has zero-warping and flawless first- and interlayer adhesion allowing you to 3D print objects with an almost injection molding precision.

ApolloX™ is UV & weather resistant ensuring great color stability – combined with high strength and heat resistant properties – which makes ApolloX™ a perfect engineering filament for outdoor and automotive applications.

Printing guidelines

  • Print temp: ± 235-255˚C
  • Heat bed: ± 80-90˚C
  • Print surface: Glass, Kapton tape, PET tape and EasyPad™

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Filament length

  • 0.750 gms spool
    1.75mm ± 281m


Amazing stuff

Product: ApolloX - High Strength - 1.75mm

This stuff is amazing. Great strength. Great colour. Just remember to print it slow, hot and with a layer of hairspray down to keep it stuck on the bed.

Grayson - Aug 2018

Very Happy

Product: ApolloX - High Strength - 1.75mm

This material prints easily, has great strength with the right print temp and doesn't really have an odour to it. Outdoor testing has shown it doesn't deform in heat, but summer is still on the way and water definitely doesn't affect its quality. Very happy.

Glen - Aug 2018

Product: ApolloX - High Strength - 1.75mm

Steve - Apr 2019