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X3D Pro Polycarbonate 1.75mm 1kg

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When you need it to be strong

X3D Pro Polycarbonate filament is a strong thermoplastic material which is much stronger than PLA or ABS.It is a really strong material while still maintaining temperature resistance. Polycarbonate does not shatter like plexiglass. It tends to bend and deform similar to hard rubber until it eventually breaks. It also has high optical clarity.

Extruded Polycarbonate filament cools down quickly which can lead to warping. However X3D Pro Polycarbonate prints at 230 – 270 degrees so warping is reduced.

Print Settings

Extruding temperature for Polycarbonate filament is generally around 230-270°C. Polycarbonate filament slowly softens when heated. Slower print speeds are preferred as an increase in temperature is required for faster prints. Buildtak or even better Dimafix should be used on a heated bed, at around 120°C.


Polycarbonate absorbs a lot of moisture in the air. It is a hygroscopic material, and it is best to store in an airtight container when not in use. Even during use the material can become unprintable within a 24 hour print if in a humid environment. Therefore, keeping in an airtight container during printing as well is ideal. Dry Polycarbonate filament will print more clearly. Filament that has absorbed moisture will print white as well as pop and bubble during the print.


Product: X3D Pro Polycarbonate 1.75mm 1kg

Love this stuff. Test print was perfect first try and it is very strong.

290c with a bed temp of 135c printed at 25mm/s with a CR10S e3d v6, 220v silicone heated bed and PEI stick on sheet. Print pulls straight off once the bed cools.

Danny - Jun 2019

Give me Strength

Product: X3D Pro Polycarbonate 1.75mm 1kg

Great value as compared to other Polycarbonates out there. At high temp end of scale for me but did a great job.

Dave - 2nd December 2018