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Remodel and Skulpt your models just like clay

SKULPT is a unique sculptable 3D printer filament materialized by Thibra3D, which allows one to post process SKULPT 3D printed objects similar to sculpting clay. By projecting a temperature of ± 70° C on the SKULPT 3D printed object it will be possible to tweak and finetune the 3D printed object by sculpting it or remodelling it slightly.

Visible 3D printed layers and imperfections caused by blobs, zits, zippers and removed support structures on the SKULPT 3D printed object can very easily be remodelled into a perfect smooth service and even detailed accents can be sculpted into the surface of the SKULPT 3D printed object.

Unique Features

Use a heat gun to project a temperature of ± 70°C to the part of the SKULPT 3D printed object which requires finetuning by sculpting and/or remodeling:

  • Easily smooth out visible 3D printed layers and imperfections caused by blobs, zits and removed support structures
  • Very easy to paint with acrylic paints
  • SKULPT 3D printed object only has to be degreased with soap and lukewarm water before painting
  • SKULPT 3D printed objects can be polished
  • Repeatedly sculptable and reusable

SKULPT 3D printed objects can continuously sculpted by remodeling, carving, cutting, adding extra material SKULPT material, etc. Leftover support structures can be reused for sculpting.

  • Does not dry out or crack
  • Self-supporting

Printing Guide

  • Temp 190 – 220 C
  • Heated Bed – 45 – 60 C

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  • Print Speed – Medium

750 gms Roll