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Polylite PETG

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Easy to Print

PolyLite PETG has been designed to offer excellent printer compatibility so you can achieve the printing same reliability and consistency you have come to expect from Polymakers other products.

Wallet Friendly

PolyLite PETG is wallet friendly while ensuring the highest and consistent filament quality at an affordable price. Like Polymakers other materials, PolyLite PLA has been designed with excellent printer compatibility in mind to provide a plug and play experience.

High Quality

PolyLite PETG, like all of PolyMakers other products, are manufactured using state-of-the-art polymer processing technologies and equipment. It features the most rigorous specs among all the PETG filaments in the market. With their eight-step quality control process they are not only aiming to adhere to industrial standards but are surely becoming a market leader for quality in the 3D Printing industry. All to ensure that only products of the highest quality reach your doorstep.


  • Net Weight: 1 Kg <± 20g (Typical <+ 20g)
  • Diameter (Tolerance): ±0.05 mm
  • Printing Temp:230 – 240 °C
  • Printing Speed:45 mm/s
  • Heated Bed:80 °C

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Product: Polylite PETG

Joshua - May 2020

Printing on Ender 3 Pro

Product: Polylite PETG

I had some problems initially trying to get the first layer to stick on a Ender 3 Pro glass bed.

I found that UHU glue stick worked the best and when printing with supports I had to print a raft. Also I used the same nozzle to bed height as PLA (paper thickness).

I also dry the filament before printing as we are experiencing very humid conditions.

I do sometimes experience a little stringing. Maybe this is being caused by moisture in the filament.

Overall a very nice finish and flexible tough parts.

Hot end temperature 230 C

Bed temperature 80 C

100 % Fan

45 mm/sec print speed

Retraction distance 3 mm

Retraction speed 50 mm/sec

Malcolm - Mar 2020

Product: Polylite PETG

Andrew - Aug 2019

Better than PLA, but a little slow to get going...

Product: Polylite PETG

Prints similarly to PLA, but I can only get reliable prints at 40mm/s, I can do ~60mm/s in PLA

Flexibility and finish-ability are great though!

Magnificent colours too

Blue painters tape and blu-stick are an ideal bed surface for printing this stuff!!!

Andrew - Apr 2019