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Python Flex - 1.75mm

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Easy and Flexi

Python Flex is a high-performance flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filament, which is designed for high speed printing on both direct drive and Bowden style extruders. Python Flex is an extremely easy to print flexible filament which can be printed directly on a glass plate without having to use the heatbed. Python Flex has a shore hardness of 98A and has great elastic properties as allows itself to be stretched up to 450% before breaking. 500 grams

Python Flex is extremely transparent in its natural form and has excellent resistance to oil, greases, microorganisms and abrasion.

Unique features

  • Perfect combination of strength, flexibility and elasticity
  • Designed for high speed printing
  • Flexible filament that can be printed at speeds of >80mm/s
  • Heat resistant up to 138°C
  • Watertight printing possible with only single wall prints
  • Excellent resistance to oil, greases, microorganisms and abrasion
  • Very easy to print on both direct drive & Bowden style extruders
  • Warp-free printing and no deformation after cooling
  • Improved flowing behaviour and inter-layer adhesion
  • Good first layer adhesion to several (un)heated print surfaces

Print Guide

  • Nozzle Size 0.3mm
  • Temp 220 – 250 C
  • Heat Bed 60 C
  • Print Speed Medium/High
  • Fan Speed 50 – 100%
  • Experience level – Intermediate

Diameter 1.75mm


No Real Problems

Product: Python Flex - 1.75mm

Recently Purchased Python Flex and Polyflex 1.75 and given sample of X3D


No real problems, Python seems better for bowden extruder and better

suited to novice less stringy possibly not as good a surface finish.

perhaps not worth the price unless looking for easier way to print flex.

Polyflex Prints as good as others have used and perhaps slightly less

stringy than X3D TPU. Although for the price the standard TPU would be

considered better value. poly seems to have better strength and finish.

Small items printed only, modified ultimake 2+ extruder with modified

bowden reduction to 1.75mm with cheap ($2 banggood creality) nozzle. no


Sentrex - 22nd January 2018